Prior to the bondholders voting to sell the bond on October 2013, all 285 bondholders received the following interest payments:

Principal: $50,000 - 11.0%

Principal: $27,500 - 10.0%

Principal: $16,500 - 8.34%

Such payments matched all advertising material and contractual obligations.



In 2013 EcoPlanet Bamboo received a purchase offer for the Rio Kama plantation from the Eco Resources Fund. Bondholders were provided the terms of this offer and requested to vote. Sale of the plantation and the associated bamboo bond required a 75% majority.

  • Approval of sale: 282 votes - 98.9%

  • Disapproval of sale: 1 vote - 0.4%

  • No reply: 2 votes or 0.7%

In 2016 Chris Lang of REDD Monitor published a series of poorly researched and misinformed articles on EcoPlanet Bamboo UK, the Bamboo Bond and the Eco Resources Fund. 

This site provides information on the development, sale and payouts associated with the Bamboo Bond.

Citadel / Highpoint Trustees developed and sold the 2012 bamboo bond in partnership with Property Frontiers. EcoPlanet Bamboo was the project development partner. 

The Bamboo Bond can be summarized as follows:

Total number of bondholders: 285

Total size of bond: $10,626,500

Bond size: $16,500 / $27,500 / $50,000

Exclusive sales agent: Property Frontiers

Custodian: Citadel Trustees Ltd.

Backed by: the Rio Kama plantation in Nicaragua, owned solely by EcoPlanet Bamboo UK Ltd.

BAMBOO BOND LIFETIME: January 2012 - December 2014

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