EcoPlanet Bamboo UK Ltd. (EPB UK), a wholly owned subsidiary of US EcoPlanet Bamboo Group was the sole owner of the Rio Kama plantation. EPB UK received a % of the bamboo bond for the planting and management of the bamboo resources within the Rio Kama farm. Post the sale of the Rio Kama plantation, EPB UK ceased its position as plantation owner, operator, and bond servicer, and became a non operating holding company.


EcoPlanet Bamboo was not the administrator of the bamboo bond, nor responsible for management of the bondholders. The bamboo bond represented a partnership of three unique entities, each with individual roles and responsibilities. EcoPlanet Bamboo's was solely as bamboo plantation manager.

Citadel Trustees Limited: Bond issuer and trustees. EcoPlanet Bamboo did not deal with any clients or bond payments directly. All money was sent to Citadel directly, as was all interest payments and proceeds from sale of the Rio Kama farm.

Property Frontiers: Exclusive Marketing & Sales Agent of the Bamboo Bond; EcoPlanet Bamboo signed an agreement solely with Property Frontiers for the marketing of the bamboo bond. EcoPlanet Bamboo held no agreements with other agents or sub agents.

The Eco Resourced Fund (ERF): A regulated fund managed by the Premier Group out of the Isle of Man. ERF was the purchaser of the Rio Kama plantation, and responsible for the conversion of bonds to Fund shares.

EcoPlanet Bamboo has no involvement in or management of the Eco Resources Fund.

EcoPlanet Bamboo Investments

EcoPlanet Bamboo investment into bamboo plantations - Nicaragua, South Africa and Ghana. EcoPlanet Bamboo is the world's largest owner of commercial bamboo farms. Troy Wiseman, EcoPlanet Bamboo CEO is a serial entrepreneur with a heart for people. Camille Rebelo, EcoPlanet Bamboo co-founder is a global bamboo expert. EcoPlanet Bamboo manufactures bamboo products under sustainable technology solutions. EcoPlanet Bamboo investments are triple bottom line and all plantations are deforestation free. - Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo CEO